BZ's 2007 San Francisco Fleetweek

Supplemental Photo Gallery

Here are a few more fleetweek shots, but with more of a boating/spectator emphasis. Also added in a few more sneak pass shots which got cut from the main page. If you were out on the bay, see if you can spot your boat!

Chucky's Pride

I hope it's not named after the wifey...

The Lion King was spelled with an 'S'. Not sure what this one refers to.

Looks like most everyone was up on deck!

Patriotic dog (and owner)!

Watching the show in style and luxury!

With those 2 tour/cruise boats are side by side, someone must be in a passing mood.

Ze competition! (just kidding).

Photogs on the water!

At least the kids have life jackets. Nice unobstructed view!

Brave guy + dog, with all those huge boats tooling about out there...

These are the shots which were 'in-between' the posted shots on the main page.

Maybe a boat owner could spot their boat in the mix...

The bay sure was crowded on Saturday!

I think the only thing that would make this even more awesome, would be to fly 2 jets in the pass! I know, dream on! :-)

From what I gather, the guests on the boat gets to have all the fun. The driver is busy dodging traffic and staying out of trouble to catch much of the show!

"Over there!"

That's a Sheriff's boat in the mix. I think anything with a siren that floats must have been out there!

A shot of someone's very, very, nice boat!

Ah yes, a B1-RD (as explained to me by Navy old timers).

I think it's a police boat.

Glamor shot of the Bass Tub.

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